Access The Growing Direct-to-Consumer Market For Title

Tridster is a price comparison platform that connects consumers shopping for title insurance with title insurance providers. We engage with consumers when and where they’re inquiring about title services, provide them with market, provider, and product pricing information, and place them in contact with high quality title agencies and insurers.

Showcase Your Business
  • Display your products, services and pricing in our unique marketplace
  • Highlight your branding and the qualities that make you stand out
Engage With High-Intent Consumers
  • Consumers see cost estimates that correlate to your title pricing
  • You receive contact information and transaction details needed to respond with actionable quotes
Easy Setup & Integration
  • We integrate your pricing and brand content
  • Leads are sent directly to your dedicated customer reps
Customized Lead Plans
  • You set your lead budget
  • No subscription fees or mandatory term for engagement
  • Acquire leads on a customized basis to fit your needs
About Tridster
  • Agency-licensed and RESPA-compliant
  • Backed by 1/0 Capital (Better Mortgage and Climb Credit)