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Rate calculator estimates are for standard title insurance products customarily quoted by licensed providers of title insurance in the state of your inquiry, and are calculated using the information provided by you, together with the applicable rates from published rate manuals filed with the appropriate state regulator by or on behalf of the lowest cost licensed insurance provider we identified. Rates and costs for other title insurance products and services may vary, and additional fees and/or costs may apply in connection with such other products or services that may be offered, recommended or required for a specific transaction. Your actual costs and any savings may vary and will depend on the specific details of your transaction and the provider and products you select. Policy amounts and cost estimates shown in the rate tables above are provided as of 11/10/2017. These rate estimates are not quotes and are provided for informational purposes only. For a quote or additional information, you must contact an appropriately licensed insurance provider. Please see our Terms of Use for additional details.