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Why Comparing Title Options in Virginia Pays

Our research indicates that Virginia homebuyers and refinance borrowers can save over $500 on average by going with the lowest cost title company.

It's your right to choose which title company you use. Checking prices here only takes a few seconds, and could save you hundreds to thousands of dollars on your closing costs.

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The title company you use for your home purchase or refinance can have an outsized impact on your closing experience and your wallet. Here are a few factors to consider when shopping for a provider:

Great Service
Your provider should have a reputation for providing quality title and closing services
Competitive Pricing
Title insurance products tend to be largely standardized among providers, so make sure to look for a competitively-priced policy
Insurer Strength
Should you need to make a claim someday, the financial stability today of your title company's underwriter should give you confidence they'll be around tomorrow

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Price isn't everything - make sure your title insurance company is built to last

We’ve teamed up with Demotech to provide their Financial Stability Ratings® for each of the title insurers shown in our cost estimates to give you greater peace of mind

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Prices were immediately available and reasonable.
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You can save a lot of money.
Christine R.
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Want to learn more about title insurance in VA? Check out our Virginia FAQs.